Bob Barbera Virtual Show

Before we received notice that our lease us up on South Street, member Bob Barbera was working away painting and planning for his upcoming exhibition. We have other plans in the works but for now here are a few of Bob's new paintings. All works are made using spray paint and acrylic on canvas. Click on the images to enlarge the work.


Paul Behnke said...

Great Work Bob!
I can't wait to see these in person!

Vincent Romaniello said...

I like that the icons make me want to find something real in them, but I know they're abstract. They seem like as of yet undiscovered objects, or things from another world. I remember your paint handling from the Dragnet show, bet these are really rich in person.

Jon Manteau said...

Love the spray paint. Close to my heart and roots as a former graffiti

lookinaroundbob said...

Thanks Guys-- I'll just keep painting and see where it goes-- If I keep an open mind it always takes me somewhere interesting