Kaiser/Romaniello show opens today

This installation photo (top) gives just a small slice of the many layers of work that Don Kaiser has created specifically for the Sage Projects space, come out, there is a lot more to see.

Romaniello has also used 2D and 3D pieces for his installation on the upper level including a table displaying maquettes, a deconstruction piece, and a wall sculpture.

Don Kaiser list of works (pdf)
Vincent Romaniello list of works (pdf)

For information on the show you can visit
Philly Art Galleries
Tim McFarlane - Blog
Structure and Imagery - Blog
Artblog maps
Thank you all fro the support!


Paul Behnke said...

These installation shots look great!

Sage What said...

Thanks Paul! Come out Sunday cause "ain't nothing like the real thing, baby". Plus it will be a fun time.