First Sage Review for Dragnet

In Sunday's Inquirer Sage Projects got it's first real review for Dragnet. The writer, Edith Newhall, talked about the show in terms of the exhibition design and the theme, and talked about a number of the works and artists. With 48 artists it is impossible to list or talk about every piece and she used some as examples that backed up her theory of the show. A good review brings out a different perspective than one might have themselves, and I think Ms. Newhall has done that. All the artists associated with Dragnet understand the value of critical writing and are happy to have had their show reviewed. Read the review here.

Others in the media have shown support by mentioning Dragnet or listing the show, use this link or scroll down to see the list. Sorry if we missed anyone.

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Paul Behnke said...

An intelligent review!
I'm happy for S.A.G.E. and all the artists involved in the show!